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Artist's Statement

The inspiration for my work is a combination of different facets including: architecture, space, memory and emotion. I have always been inspired by architecture and its multi-dimensional portrayal of form. 

I work with porcelain as the intrinsic characteristics of the material, its translucence and delicate paper-like quality enable the realisation of my concepts.

My work represents a relationship with space and how it shapes us, both physically and emotionally.  It investigates the interrelationships between us and the buildings we inhabit. The structures I make connect these ideas and in doing so reflect on the human condition. I aim to pique the curiosity of the viewer and invite them to explore initially hidden aspects of the work and engage with it by observing it from different perspectives to discover the spaces within.

The fundamental basis of my work is drawn from my life journey, encompassing my personal interactions, experiences and observations.

Isobel Egan